70W USB Docking Station

Design of 70W USB Docking Station for Tablets.

Audio A2DP Project

Design of Audio A2DP Project.

BBB Based Door Entry & Fire Alarm System

Design of BBB Based Door Entry and Fire Alarm System.

Bluetooth BLE Project

Design of Bluetooth BLE Project.

Bluetooth BLE Project – Test Rig

Design of Bluetooth BLE Project’s Test Rig.

Brushed DC Motor Controller (ATMEL AVR)

Design and coding of Brushed DC Motor Controller using ATMEL AVR MCUs.

Arduino Shields – ‘Blank Canvas’

Arduino Shields designed to order.

3V Power Cycler PCB

Design of 3V Power Cycler PCB.

3V Power Cycler - panel
3V Power Cycler - 24-up panel
3V power Cycler - PCB - 3D

Guitar Pedal Design

Design of Distortion Pedal for guitars.

Guitar Overdrive Pedal - 3D boxed
Guitar Overdrive Pedal - 3D PCB

Electronic Counter Design

Design of Electronic Counter.

Arduino Nano based Medical Sensor

Design of Arduino Nano based Medical Sensor.

Arduino Nano based Solenoid Actuator

Design of Arduino Nano based Solenoid Actuator.

Rapid Prototyping of small quantities

Design & Prototyping of small quantities (power electronics PCB).

Rapid Prototyping of Small Quantities

Library Creation (CAD) – Component Footprints

Library Creation for new components.

Schematics Design

Design of schematics for products / projects.

AP Workbench Audio Design (Digital Filters for Speakers)

Design of Digital Filters for ST ICs with AP Workbench.

Tina TI Simulation

Tina TI Simulation of electronic circuits.

PCB Via Size Calculation

PCB Via Size Calculation.

PCB via calculations

Bill of Materials Generation

Bill of Materials (BOMs) tailored to customer’s requirements.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation - Outputs as required by customer

70W USB Docking Station – Testing

Electronic / Electrical testing of 70W USB Docking Station.

Electronic Product Design